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"Preaching with power. Revealing the glory of Christ. Releasing the fire of revival. Reaping the harvest. Raising up an army for God."





Frank Borda encountered the glory of Christ as a boy when Jesus caught him up, just like Paul describes in 2 Corinthians 12. Now he carries that same life giving power which Christ spoke and released into his life. Jesus said, “ I am giving you a world wide, body wide anointing.” The Borda’s have lived in 3 nations and been sent to 22 others on 5 continents with an apostolic signs and wonders ministry where people encounter the glory of Christ in tangible, life changing ways.


The atmosphere of Heaven marks every meeting, saturating people through Holy Spirit’s fruit of love, joy, and peace bringing freedom, nourishment, and refreshing to all. Glorious light and revelation flow through anointed, heartfelt, fire filled preaching bringing forth gifts of the Spirit, manifesting the life and works of Christ! Strongholds of sickness, pain, accusation, torment, depression, poverty, hopelessness, and condemnation are destroyed under the weight of Gods glory and power! 

"Carrying revival and awakening to strengthen churches and families, to shake and awaken nations."



Your generosity makes a difference and changes lives. God sees what we do privately and rewards us openly.


"Know The Lord"

Take the first step here and your life will never be the same.

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