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"freedom Festivals"

Beginning in March, 1999 with “Jesus for Bohol “(Philippines), this was the first

operation of our ministry. Commonly known as open air mass crusades, this

serves as the main evangelistic arm of FBMW. We see biblical precedent for

these in the ministry of Jesus, His Apostles, and Philip the Evangelist. Frank

Borda Ministries Worldwide teams have conducted numerous Freedom Festivals

in the Philippines, Mexico, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Nigeria, and Costa Rica.

Preaching the Gospel with a fiery boldness to truly unreached people under the

yoke destroying anointing of the Holy Spirit, has caused regions to be shaken,

resulting in a mighty harvest of the precious fruit from the earth, that is souls! So

far, well in excess of 100,000 people have been gloriously born again,

experiencing the fullness of this great salvation in Christ. That may not sound

like many when you think about all the people in the earth, but we’re not finished

yet either and our most fruitful days are still ahead of us. Healing is the dinner

bell for the Gospel and so thousands of sick, hurting, even terminally ill people

have received instantaneous physical healings and miracles, moving them to

believe and call on the name of Jesus! Supernatural signs and wonders are a

regular occurrence for the people to behold, that they would see the glory of

God and believe the truth of the Gospel! Beginning in 2021 FBMW will begin

conducting these Freedom Festival miracle salvation outreaches in cities

throughout the USA, as the Lord has instructed them. America needs spiritual

awakening and reformation so beginning in Oklahoma and going west and east

from there we will preach the Gospel, releasing the power and glory of Jesus

Christ to reap the harvest of souls that must fill Fathers house before the end of

the age, which is quickly coming to a close.

Dapitan Freedom Fest Altar call 5,000 So

Sow a seed for souls

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