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It was prophesied by Kenneth Copeland that 2021 shall be the year of the

local church! After 2020 we believe this is just the beginning of what shall

be the true glorious church coming forth and assembling more, not less as

we see the Day approaching, according to Hebrews 10:25! Years ago

Kenneth E. Hagin said by the Spirit, “ What the Lord is doing today is He’s

building strong local churches who know how to flow with the Holy

Ghost!” We strongly believe this! Releasing Glory are meetings in which

inspired preaching flows powerfully together with gifts of the Spirit in

manifestation. Heavens atmosphere and the glory of the Lord always flood

the assembly filling the people! People receive a special touch from God

when the Borda’s flow with the Spirit under His apostolic mantle and

anointing. They also receive gifts and anointings to equip them for service

in the church and fulfill the mission God has called them to personally.

Through the presence of His glory, people experience all kinds of good

things from the Lord, including supernatural peace and joy to settle and

strengthen them. Hard yokes are destroyed and replaced with the light &

easy yoke of Jesus as healing, deliverance, refreshing, and freedom flow

through His abundant life! His fiery love increases their hunger for Him,

accelerating their development and thrusting them with grace into the will

of God. This helps in the growth of the local church, bringing multiplication

of the fruit of every pastors labor there. This always happens because it is

what the Lord has anointed them to do, having touched both Frank and

Hokali in true revivals, changing their lives forever through the weight &

power of His glory! He made us Revivalists who carry Holy Spirit

revelation, fire, and miracle power every place we are sent. In all humility,

we don’t go anywhere without miracles, signs, and wonders! The Lord has

given us a key to releasing the glory of Christ in every believer with power,

authority, and dominion and that is a key to churches fulfilling their destiny

to bear much fruit, reap a mighty harvest of souls, and change the

communities where they are planted!


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