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supernatural praise and worship services and team building

This is where we come to churches for a few days and do what we would

do in a revival only with the emphasis being to build a stronger, more

anointed element of P&W in the church. This may actually be the strongest

and most anointed facet to the Borda’s ministry. Very prophetic in nature

Brother Frank flows as a Psalmist and has done so for many years. Hokali

is a perfect compliment as she plays piano and sings beautifully as well.

This is not a concert but rather a time to flow with the Spirit through the

gift of music, learning to yield to Him and go deep in the river of God.

What makes these special is that they work together with the P&W pastor

and team in every church. The Lord has given this doorway into the

supernatural kingdom realm which provides a way to go deeper, faster into

the presence of God. It instantly increases the anointing in Gods house

where the pastor/preacher can jump in and with more power present to

speak the anointed word see greater results and increase in the fruit of

their ministry! P&W is not really as much for preparing the hearts of the

people as it is to establish the atmosphere of Heaven where God speaks

and moves and in which the people’s hearts are touched and opened up

to whatever and all that God has purposed and planned for that particular

service time. We don’t just bring teaching but demonstration of what we

speak to impart gifts and anointings for singers and musicians to instantly

step into a greater measure and degree of glory which they will then

release into the church as a whole. Churches are changed during these

times as the people individually and corporately step into the place where

they easily and boldly flow with the Spirit through music into the depths of

the river of God!


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