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Frank Borda

Apostolic Revivalist/Evangelist

Frank Borda received his call to salvation and a future worldwide ministry at the age of 12. On that glorious day he was born again after being suddenly and instantly caught up, faster than the speed of thought, to the throne of the Lord Jesus Christ! It was there where he saw and was saturated by the sparkling glory of the Lord emanating out from Him and heard the resounding authority of His voice! In that moment Frank instantly had divine revelation of the Righteous One and His will! (Acts 22: 14-15) Although he had never seen the scriptures, the first words Jesus spoke were just that, as with absolute power and authority He said,

“I am the resurrection and the life.” (John 11:25) Then with a command of faith He said, “Beginning today, you will forever walk with Me and live for Me! Also, you shall never again fear death, because you will never die!” (John 11:26) This was a specific answer from the compassion of Christ to young Frank’s heart who had been desperately crying out for help to God, Whom He believed in but didn’t know personally. Already for years he had been harassed by demonic visions of evil spirits and death. Fear tormented him causing him to think he would die at any moment, at which time he thought he would cease to exist. This caused many troubles in his young life but the Truth that day instantly made him free! Jesus continued, “Now concerning your life, I don’t want you to compare yourself with your three elder brothers ever again, because the life I have created you for shall be different from theirs. For when you become a man, you will work for Me.” Though he had never even seen a Bible, been to church, or heard the Word of God preached before this, Frank knew 3 things which branded him forever. One, this was the Lord Jesus Christ. Second, that he would never die and finally, that standing before people, speaking the Word of God, would be his life’s work. Fourteen years after the first encounter, during revival at his local church, with the great missionary Rodney Howard-Browne, he had a second experience of suddenly being taken in the Spirit. This time Jesus showed him His specific calling taking him to the future Lake of Fire judgment, where for one hour he witnessed those who’s names are not found written in the Book of Life being cast into the lake of fire and the second death! (Rev. 20: 11-15) Jesus told him


to go to these people to warn them about this place and invite them to Heaven for Him! Immediately after that experience, the Lord sent him to Rhema Bible Training Center where he sat under the great prophet Kenneth E. Hagin and other powerful ministers, to receive training and preparation for the five fold ministry and plan of God. After that the Lord put the anointing to preach on him saying, “ You are My trumpet, so as you go and stand before the people, always speak My Word boldly with all your heart. As you do, I will stand before them and breathe My life into them.” To Gods glory this has truly come to pass all over the world! This call has thrust him to 25 nations on 5 continents thus far, many of them numerous times. He has preached the Gospel to multitudes on open air fields in Central America, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Africa, and the Philippines. In these he has had the privilege of leading more than one hundred thousand priceless souls to salvation and eternal life. God has sent Frank to minister the Word in the power and demonstration of the Spirit all over the world, going from idol worshipping Hindu villages of India to interior Taliban controlled Pakistan to coconut tree jungles & radical Islamic cities of the Philippines to remote mountain villages of the great Himalayas in Nepal, to the far away Indian tribes in the mountains of Venezuela, to Europe and former Communist nations, to Eurasia and Turkey where the Apostle Paul pioneered the gentile church, and regions beyond these. Genuine revivalists whom God has given a worldwide and body wide anointing, Brother Frank, with Hokali his beloved wife, are gladly willing to spend and be spent for the sake of those to whom God sends them. After 21 years of Gospel ministry in foreign nations, now the Borda’s are spreading the fire of revival that burns in them with miraculous power throughout the United States. Working with local churches they’re believing to see another Great spiritual Awakening and bring into the house of God a great harvest of souls before the end of the age. Ordained with Rhema Ministerial Association International and a member of Revival Ministries International Ministers Association, Brother Frank is under authority having excellent relationships with both groups.

Hokali Borda


Hokali, born into a devout Christian home, had the desire to serve the Lord full

time from a young age. She received her call to full time ministry and world

missions as a teenager during the Charismatic Renewal that swept through her

homeland of Nagaland, India. In those days the Word of the Lord came to her

saying, “If you will obey Me and answer My call, I will take you from this

remote land all over the world.” This would have been impossible if God

wasn’t in it, but He was. She did obey and God did just what He said He would

do! After graduating high school she took a step of faith and began traveling

with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) throughout India serving as a worship leader

with this soul winning ministry. Later in her mid twenties, the Lord opened doors

for her to go alone to South Korea as a missionary, where she lived and served

for more than 2 years. After that she moved home to care for her ailing mother

and serve in the local church started by her cousin-sister and her husband, who

is a Rhema graduate and missionary to Nagaland. It was during this time she

met Frank who had come to conduct revival in that great church. Little did either

of them know, God had set them up to meet here to spend their lifetime together

in His service. During that revival they fell in love and after 20 days they were

engaged. Seven months later they were married in India. That was April, 2005

and since then she has been traveling to and dwelling in different nations

together with her husband and their beloved children serving the Lord and

building the Kingdom of God! Evangelizing truly unreached people, planting

churches, and mentoring women and children has been a dream come true for

Hokali. She has a passion for children who are abandoned, abused and

exploited. Her plan is to open Children’s Homes and rescue these little ones for

whom the Kingdom of God exists, giving them a future and a hope in Jesus! She

loves her family and is a devoted wife and mother. She also has 3 elder sisters

and 1 younger brother as well as her father who is alive and well at 101! Along

with her husband she is ordained with Rhema and a member of Revival

Ministries International Ministers Association.


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