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Blessing Families

“I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you;

And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”

Genesis 12:3

Pakistan Village family - 2011  (2).JPG

God is good and He is a giver. He wants people blessed, empowering

them to prosper and succeed in life. Poverty is a curse that brings

destruction, which the Borda’s have seen first hand in many nations. Some

suffer due to poor teaching while others have lost everything in natural

disasters or persecution. So through this alms giving arm of their ministry

they reach out to Christian and non Christian families, children, and

churches, wherever they are led, with a two pronged approach to be a

blessing. One, they partner with church pastors, as the Spirit leads, to

help sustain them for a season, while they build self-sufficiency into their

family and church. They have successfully done this for years, seeing

firsthand the transformation of pastors and churches from being poverty

minded dependents into being blessing minded, self-reliant families and

churches! Two, they mentor husband and wife teams in ministry and

business principles through personal training and conferences. Teaching

Bible truths and principles and then leading by example they impart the

Spirit of faith that brings success both spiritually and naturally. FBMW also

partners with an existing children’s home (Orphanage) ministry as well as

having a plan to start one their own in India, Hokalis native land. Here’s the

truth, Jesus said, “ It is more blessed to give than to receive. “ (Acts

20:35) In the beginning days of their ministry the Lord instructed Brother

Frank to “Live by your giving.” No matter how you look at it, God cares

for the poor and oppressed and told us to support and help them. We

can’t turn our heads away from them expecting someone else

(government or false religion) to do what only we (The Church) have been

empowered and authorized to do! We clearly see that government’s

cannot be allowed to continually dominate people, keeping them enslaved

in a world system that is doomed. We must demonstrate His love by being

a blessing to the household of faith and everyone else for that matter;

spiritually, physically, and in very practical natural ways. This opens the

door of their hearts for the Gospel! We have seen the fruit of being a

blessing to families.

Give to bless families

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