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School of sending

"answering the cries of the lost to come, by answering the call of God to go" 

I saw & heard the lost crying out to God...

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Invite for Bible School or School of Sending.

Many times through the years during times of prayer I saw people from many

different nations crying out in desperation to God. All of them said the same

thing, “ God, we are dying, come and save us! Show us who you are or send

someone who can. Please send our salvation and save our souls! “

Then I heard the Lord say to me, “ Raise up an army of end time evangelists

who will answer the cries of the lost to come by obeying the call of God to

go! “

A short term, high impact school of ministry training for those who desire to

carry the spirit of revival and fire of God to their nation and reap a great harvest

of souls for salvation and the glory of the Lord.

The fields are now and always have been ripe for harvest and it’s the deep

desire of God our Savior that all men be saved and come into the knowledge of

the truth, so that His house may be full for all eternity. He has given us the

command and co-mission to go preach the Gospel and make followers of Him

from every tribe, tongue, family, and nation. So what hinders you? You were

born and brought into the kingdom for such a time as this...harvest time...your


For the last 21 years FBMW has been doing exactly this, carrying revival to the

nations (including the USA) by every means possible. Lives, families, and

nations are changed through preaching, teaching, casting out demons, healing

the sick, evangelizing, winning souls, and establishing local churches and social

outreaches with signs, wonders, and mighty deeds. The miracle of multiplication

is happening as we equip others to do the same.


Come be prepared, equipped, and anointed so that you can go wherever the

Lord desires to send you, and make a difference when you get there. People are

dying to hear the Gospel you know and the glory of Christ you carry inside of

you, it’s their only hope!

The spirit of faith and revival isn’t only taught through the word of God, it is also

caught by association and the anointing of the Holy Ghost. The Lord’s School of

Sending has a proven three phase training that works preparing any believer, no

matter what their specific calling may be from the Lord.

• Illumination - through Bible teaching so that you can be a light to the nations.

In this phase we focus on instilling foundational truth and Word based vision

and goals. ( Acts 13:47 )

• inspiration - through Bible preaching so that you may carry the God breathed

anointed Word bringing life to the people. In this phase we focus on teaching

all points of the Gospel and preaching under the anointing. ( 2 Tim. 3:16 )

• Impartation - through the anointed ministry of the Holy Spirit in

manifestations and demonstrations that you may carry His yoke destroying

anointing and fire to the lost and dying, sick and hurting, bound and

oppressed and set them free! In this phase we focus on leaning to flow with

the Spirit of God and follow His witness, unction, and leading. ( Rom. 1:11 )

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