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Frank and Hokali Borda met in July of 2004 on the first day of his first

missionary journey to India. Hokali is from the remote state of Nagaland,

Northeast India, where Brother Frank was preaching revival. Their meeting was

the fulfillment of supernatural encounters both of them received from the Lord

regarding their marriage. God had spoken to him two years earlier saying,

“When you are in the field fulfilling the call I’ve placed on your life, then I will

bring her before you and present her to you, the way I did the woman to the man

in the beginning.” Then three months before his arrival, Hokali had a dream in

which Frank appeared. Even though she had never met or even seen the man in

her dream, Hokali knew she would marry him and be at his side in life and

ministry. It proved to be true and now 16 years later they have lived in 3 nations

and traveled to more than 20 others ministering the apostolic grace on their life

to hundreds of thousands! Their journey began by conducting a “Honeymoon

Crusade” in a remote village of Hindu people two days after their wedding in

April, 2005! In January, 2007 they took their new born daughter and moved to

the Philippines being sent by the Word of the Lord, “ I am giving you the Muslims of Mindanao.” That year through a series of miraculous events, an entire jungle village, that had been destroyed by Islamic terrorists, received the gospel resulting in great miracles, healings, and salvations. Soon after that, twenty Islamic men, all terrorists and notorious criminals, were gloriously saved, calling on the name of Jesus! Finally, because of the testimony of “The Twenty”, the Borda’s were invited by the Sultan and Imam of a village of Muslims in these exact words, “Please come and show us the true way of righteousness.” They did just that, blessing these extremely poor people with food, clothes, and equipment. Then on their third journey to the village, which happened to be the final day of Ramadan, they preached the Gospel openly inside the mosque with miracles, signs, and wonders! They established Resurrection Power Ministries in the Philippines winning more than one hundred thousand souls through open air crusades called “Freedom Festivals of Mindanao” and followed up by planting churches in the places they evangelized. They have carried Apostolic ministry and revival to more than 25 nations on 5 continents. Now they will duplicate that same ministry in the United States, which has become a true mission field in need of revival and another Great Awakening!


As teenagers, both Frank and Hokali were saved and called to worldwide ministry. As apostolic Evangelists, the Lord Jesus has graced the Borda’s to carry His anointed Word as messengers with the tangible presence of righteousness, peace, and joy flowing to the people. The weight of His glory falls on and fills people, bringing them into the reality of His divine nature and attributes, His DNA. The Lord reveals Himself, speaking prophetically through words of knowledge and wisdom, touching people right where they are, forever changing their lives and setting them on the course of their purpose and destiny. They go  everywhere boldly preaching the gospel of Christ and His kingdom with great power and authority, winning souls and establishing dominion in every nation. The transformation of people into the image of the Son and being changed from glory to glory is the goal and purpose of God through this ministry. (Rom. 8:29-30; 2Cor. 3:18)


Focusing on the love of the Father to serve and give their lives, as an offering, first to Him and then for the people they are sent to is the fuel for their ministry. (Mt. 20: 28) In their own words, “He put His glorious life inside of us through Christ and baptized us with the Holy Spirit until we overflowed in heavenly tongues! As He filled us, we became continually more hungry and thirsty for Him, to know and be like Him! So when our hearts cried out for the reality and power of Pentecost, as we witnessed in the Gospels and book of Acts, He answered by fire thrusting us both into true Revivals where Heaven on Earth was manifest, radically changing lives, including ours! In short, for His eternal purpose and glory He set our lives apart and gave us this grace in order to pioneer His kingdom in unreached places. Places where people cry out in hopeless desperation to the God they believe exists but don’t know personally! Doing His will, boldly speaking His Word, being filled with the fruit and fire of the Holy Spirit, following is leading and being moved with the compassion of Christ are the hallmarks of our life & ministry. Being faithful & obedient to the Heavenly vision Jesus gave us (Acts 26: 16-19) is our true joy and source of strength because it’s literally the joy of the Lord and that which pleases Him as we do this! Working as co- laborers together with Him, His divine power accomplishes His will as we rest in Him and work for Him, doing our part.

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